Empowering Immigrants and Veterans in America's Melting Pot.

Embracing Diversity,

Building Futures.

Boots On The Ground is a trusted staffing agency connecting veterans & immigrants in Minnesota with skilled blue-collar opportunities. Our mission is to empower them through meaningful employment, and to build a stronger workforce for our state.

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Hard Work Ethic and Commitment to getting the job done.

Connecting Businesses with Excellent Talent

Boots On The Ground is a staffing agency that specializes in connecting blue-collar workers with job opportunities that are well-suited to their skills and abilities. The company is unique in that it primarily serves two groups of workers: veterans and immigrants. These two groups are known for their hard work ethic and their commitment to getting the job done, no matter what the conditions. Both veterans and immigrants bring valuable skills to the table.

The Melting Pot of the United States is enriched by the contributions of these workers. Immigrants are known for their determination and their willingness to work hard, often under difficult conditions. They bring a wealth of cultural diversity and a strong work ethic to their jobs. Veterans bring valuable leadership skills, loyalty, and technical abilities that are highly valued by employers. Boots On The Ground helps to fuel the Melting Pot of the United States and contributes to the growth and success of the country.

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